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Mini Reviews for July 2011

8 Jul

Genre: Science fiction

Author: Pati Nagle

Publisher: Evennight Books

Pub date: 10 May 2011

Source: LibraryThing Early Reviewer

Follow the antics and adventures of Leon the supercat. This collection of stories about Leon the genetically modified cat  was a fun, light read. Leon can talk human and has opposable thumbs. His playful kitten days are too few though since has been engineered for a purpose. To work on a space transport hub far from his home. Paired up with his human partner Devin, Leon gets to crack down on crime.

Leon maintains his innate catness as he learns to live in a human world. Cat lovers will probably like this cats-eye-view of our world. Read for fun stories where Leon assists in solving cases of smuggling, murder and whatnot and saves the day many a time.


Thanks to @rhwarrier, I also got to listen to two dramatized audiobook productions. This was my first time and I will be looking out for more of these.

Death in the Clouds by Agatha Christie

BBC Radio Production read by a full cast

Hercule Poirot narrates this closed room mystery up in the air. On the flight back from  Paris to Croydon,  Madame Giselle (a money lender) is found dead from a poisoned dart. The entire plane of passengers become suspects in this bizarre murder. In his usual style, Poirot goes around eliminating suspects until he finally zeroes in on the culprit.

The list of suspects includes archeologists, junior hairdresser, doctors, countesses, dentists and crime fiction writers. While many people could have motive for killing her since she used blackmail to get people to pay back the loan, the how of it is still a big question. Poirot and his willing helpers (fellow-passengers on the flight) go on the hunt.

The audio production was pretty well done and had sound effects and everything. I have to say that not having a narrator telling me who was speaking was confusing as this is a story I am not familiar with. Poirot’s strong accent also became a little much for me over the course of the story. While I won’t be trying another Agatha Christie in audiobook form, I am intrigued by these dramatized productions.

The Hound of the Baskervilles by Arthur Conan Doyle
BBC Radio Production read by a full cast
This is one of my all-time favourite stories ever and I loved going over it again in this audiobook form. Again here, I really missed the narrator’s voice. Many observations that are originally made in the book are missing since we don’t have Watson as the narrator. And this was an abridged version that didn’t sit all that well with my purist Sherlock Holmes soul.  Some of the dramatization was a little over the top, but in all, this was also a good production.

Anyone who is familiar with the story and wants to just spend sometime with this murder mystery will appreciate it. But it is highly abridged and interprets characters very differently from how I imagined them. Both Watson and Holmes are bang-on though and this audiobook is a good introduction to dramatized audiobook productions.