Book Review: Irreparable Harm by Melissa Miller

12 May

Genre: Legal thriller

Publisher: Brown Street Books

Pub date: May 2011

Source: Author

It has been many years since I read a Legal thriller, but this is a genre that I have enjoyed in the past. So when author Melissa Miller contacted me about a review, I was happy to read Irreparable Harm. I like it when I follow my instincts about a book and it turns out well, because I really enjoyed this fast-paced page-turner!


Attorney Sasha McCandless is on the verge of making partner at the law firm where she works. Years of hard, grueling work is about to pay off. But when her client’s plane crashes into a mountain for reasons that are at first undetermined, she has her hands full with potential lawsuits from families of the victims. The case is a high profile one and very important for her career. But when she finds out that more planes are in danger of crashing due to an upgrade in the plane’s systems, she has some tough choices to make: defend her client and save her skin or breach confidence and save thousands of lives. But that’s no choice at all, is it?


Sasha Candless has a battle to fight in the courtroom as well as on the streets in Irreparable Harm. A smart, competent lawyer, she is also a Krav Maga expert. During the course of her investigation into the crash, she crosses some very bad people and has to call on her martial arts skills to keep alive.

The planes that have been modified are now susceptible to a fatal flaw. A smartphone app has the capability to crash these planes.

Fighting off goons, managing a boss who’s unraveling, figuring out the truth behind the crash, handling an impossible client, and maneuvering her way around an irascible judge, Sasha has her hands really full. Agent Leo Connelly, Federal Air Marshal teams up with her in this edge of the seat adventure.

I liked the protagonist, Sasha, in Irreparable Harm very much. A smart successful lawyer, she is capable of kicking butt both inside and outside the courtroom. She’s an independent women who follows her gut and cares about more than just climbing the ladder. But she has been successful so far in a tough world and is now in a position to know when to play by the rules and when to bend them.

Miller’s experience as a lawyer tells in this – we are given just enough insight into the workings of a law firm as well as the legal aspects of the case to keep the story moving but not too much that we get bogged down in the details.

That’s not to say the book was flawless: I could have done with fewer attacks on Sasha. I did enjoy seeing her take down guys who were much larger than her, but it felt like it was a little too much. And while I liked Leo and Sasha together (they made a good team) the personal angle where Leo and Sasha share life stories seemed a little out of place.

But all told, this was definitely an enjoyable read. I loved the fast-paced thrill. I was impatient to find how it would turn out and how the bad guy gets caught. A quick, easy read, I got through it one sitting.


Definitely recommended for fans of legal thrillers and action thrillers.

Rating: 4*

Irreparable Harm is the Kindle e-book of the day (May 11-12). Check it out and purchase here. It’s available at the discounted price of $2.99!

About the author: Melissa F. Miller is a crime fiction writer and commercial litigator. She is a native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and has worked as an attorney in international law firms located in Pittsburgh and Washington, D.C. She is a former law clerk to a federal district judge.

Currently, Melissa writes and continues to practice law with her husband, who is also an attorney.

Irreparable Harm is Melissa’s first novel.  A follow-up, Irretrievably Broken, is slated for publication this summer.

She lives in Boiling Springs, a small town in South Central Pennsylvania, with her husband and their three young children.

*See my Rating policy

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