Mini Review: Changeling by Nancy Jane Moore

20 Apr

Genre: Urban fantasy/novella

Publisher: BookView Cafe

Pub date: Oct 2004

Source: LibraryThing Early Reviewer

I won this novella some months ago as a LibraryThing Early Reviewer. I did manage to read it some time ago and rather liked it, but have sat down for a review only now.


Maggie doesn’t feel like she belongs in her home in Wichita Falls, Texas. She has vivid dreams of a beautiful city and is convinced that she belongs there. But Maggie has never been to this magical place and is not even sure that it exists outside of her imagination. Her parents deny that she has ever been there and get upset when she mentions it. But more and more, Maggie wants to get there and meet the beautiful people who live there.


The Changeling is the third title of Aqueduct Press’s Conversation Pieces, a series that “celebrates the speculations and visions of the grand conversation of feminist SF.” The feminist description shouldn’t scare anyone off however, because the narration doesn’t resort to any rhetoric at all.

The story and its treatment worked very well in this format as a novella. At 90 pages, you can read it in one sitting. The shortness doesn’t allow for very detailed world building, and it leaves you wanting more – a satisfying result for any writer. That said, the descriptions of this magical city are lovely – the lights, buildings, towers, arches are beautifully painted and I could see it all in a soft glow.

When Maggie creates realistic paintings of this city from her dreams, her parents get very upset. They try to convince her that it isn’t a real place and that she was born in Wichita Falls. But Maggie is certain that her parents are lying to her and is desperate to find a way to get to the magical city.

Does she manage to make her way there? And who are those people on the city and how is Maggie connected to them?

I do like fantasy fiction, but have only recently started looking at Urban fantasy. (I’m willing to try it as long as it doesn’t have the ubiquitous vampire storyline. Not that I don’t like vampires, but I’m still stuck on Anne Rice!) The Changeling was a good introduction and I’m going to be looking out for similar books in the future.


Definitely recommended for fans for Urban Fantasy.

Rating: 4 *

*See my Rating policy

Update 27 Apr 2011

Changeling is now available as an ebook
from Book View Cafe:

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