Follow Friday #19

5 Nov

Who are your favourite authors?

Well, there are just too many to list, but these are some of my top favourites: Terry Pratchett, Arthur Conan Doyle, Philippa Gregory, Robert Jordan, P.G. Wodehouse, Anjum Hasan, Anita Nair and many more.

I’m joining Follow My Blog Friday hosted by Parajunkee over at This is how it works.

  1. Follow the Follow My Book Blog Friday Host – and any one else you want to follow on the list
  2. Follow the Featured Bloggers –
  3. Put your Blog name & URL in the Linky thing.
  4. Grab the button up there and place it in a post, this post is for people to find a place to say hi in your comments
  5. Follow Follow Follow as many as you can
  6. If someone comments and says they are following you, be a dear and follow back. Spread the Love…and the followers

Since I am on and don’t have the option of adding the Google Follow option, please “Follow” by subscribing via email or RSS feed. Leave me a comment saying which one you’re doing!

Look forward to discovering lots of new blogs and bloggers!


3 Responses to “Follow Friday #19”

  1. Sakhi November 5, 2010 at 6:05 pm #

    Are you a fan of the wheel of time series? I adore fantasy and I’ve seen this series talked about so often, but there are a lot of huge books and I really don’t want to go for it if its not worth it (and there are some awful reviews online), so can you give me a quick run through on the good and bad of the books? Thanks. 🙂

    • stargazerpuj November 8, 2010 at 5:23 pm #

      I’m a big fan, but I know it’s not for everyone. There are many many books, plus they’re huge, and as it happens with such a huge series, there are some books that are frankly horrible. I love the worlds described, the places and cultures and the epic nature of this series. The magic in it is also great fun.
      Some of the characters can get a little annoying especially the relationships between men and women – not the romantic kind – but men always saying, “this is the way women are” and women saying that about men as well.
      I suggest you try Book 1 – Eye of the World and if you like it, give the rest a try. Books 1-3 are superb, 4-7 are good, 8 & 9 a little less good and I think 10 was a bit of a disaster. The plot gets back on track after that and Book 13 is going quite nicely.

  2. Howard Sherman November 5, 2010 at 10:41 pm #

    I’m always a little bummed when I lose followers but make every effort to
    turn every lost follower into a learning experience so I can improve my

    On the flip side, I only stop following people when they give me a reason to
    such as being totally off message or being too controversial in an negative,
    over-the-top way.

    Happy Book Blogger Hop Friday!

    Howard Sherman

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