Book Review: Private Eyes by Jonathan Kellerman

28 Oct

Private Eyes by Jonathan KellermanGenre: Crime fiction

Publisher: Bantam Books

Source: Purchased

Spanning a 20-year period, this crime thriller is an interesting read. Consulting psychologist Alex Delaware teams up with Detective Milo Sturgis in this gripping psychological thriller. Not for the faint-hearted!


Melissa Dickinson was Delaware’s patient when she was seven years old. Gina, Melissa’s agoraphobic mother seems to have passed on some of her phobia to her daughter. Eleven years later, Melissa gets in touch with him again asking him for help as old ghosts have reappeared in her life.


During my month of Mystery and Crime fiction, the body count has been piling up, so this non-murder mystery was a good break. That’s not to say that there are no murders, just that they are not the main focus of this particular storyline. Go along on a roller-coaster ride in the sunny San Labrador suburbs of LA.

Gina has been physically and emotionally scarred by a traumatic experience in her life. She is unable to step out of the house or have a normal life. Her seven-year-old daughter, Melissa, is invariably badly affected by the atmosphere of fear and phobia in her life. She takes the decision to get better and calls a help line. Alex Delaware takes on her case and helps her deal with her fears. Many years later, Melissa calls Delaware and asks him to step in again because she has found out that the person responsible for her mother’s condition has been released from prison and is back in LA.

Melissa’s fears could have been dismissed as paranoia, until her mother suddenly goes missing. Sturgis who has been given a 6 month suspension, teams up with Delaware to get the bottom of many well-kept secrets that threaten many people.

Sarcastic detectives, hard-talking cops, princess in her tower and psychiatrists gone bad are just some of the players in this gripping crime thriller.


Definitely worth a read, especially for psychological thriller fans. Kellerman introduces just enough psych-talk to make this story believable and interesting. Other psychologists and psychiatrists and their highly unorthodox treatment methods add to the thrill and horror.

The pace was great and almost uniform throughout, which is another reason I like this one more than the other Alex Delaware (Gone) I read earlier this month.

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