Mystery & Crime Fiction Month

11 Oct

FingerprintingOkay, the title should be “mystery, crime fiction, thrillers, forensic detection and more”, but that is a little too long!

Clues, suspects, motives, forensics, evidence crimes… Every now and then, I feel the need to curl up with such a page-turner and lose myself in the world of mystery and intrigue.

Starting with an absolute puzzler to slowly uncover all aspects of it until the mystery resolves and the fog clears is a great deal of fun especially when it’s done from the safety of a book.

I’m making this month – October 2010 – my crime fiction special. So I’m going to be reading and reviewing mystery and crime fiction all this month!

So drop by for a healthy dose of intrigue, murder, clues and solutions.

So this is what I (and you) have to look forward to:

s I’ve picked up these books in no particular order and will be reading them in no particular order – many of them are part of a series, but they can all stand alone as a mystery story.

Join me in this rather macabre entertainment! The game is afoot.

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